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Another amazing ‘synchronistic’ day :)

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Hiya :)

I just had to update you all after my (amazing) day yesterday, being more aware of synchronistic events. It was my Monday, as you are all aware i do not open the shop on Mondays to allow me to catch up on my other duties.

I wasn’t feeling so good physically, due to the crazy week i had last week, so i was very grateful of my pre-booked acupuncture session booked for the afternoon. :-) In my acupuncture session, I advised my Chinese Doctor (Leo) of the events that occured last week and about how my body reacted through this time, as i knew, and had previously witnessed before, the effects of negative energy driven has on me and on my physical body. I Thought Dr Leo would think that I was crazy telling him what I had experienced, but no, he fully understood and treated me accordingly :)

It was a very intense acupuncture treatment as i found my body began to shake all over. Something, in the 2 years of regularly having acupuncture, I had never experienced before. Dr Leo assured me that this was normal and asked if I was ok, as I felt the chi flowing through the meridians in my body, I smiled back with deep serenity and calmness.

I have realised since the treatment through looking inside myself and asking my body and my guides why was my body shaking the way it was at the begining of my treatment. The answer i received was; it happened because my meridians had become blocked from the negative energy that surrounded experience I had endured last week.

I have always been very sensitive, but I am finding that this sensitivity is becoming even more so recently. This experience wasnt a scary one, it was just merely being around, allowing (what I now know) a negatively motivated person to work within my beautiful and loving shop. A great lesson :)

During my acupuncture session the conversation somehow turned onto to talking about The Tenth Insight book I am currently reading, and the nine insights outlined in The Celestine Prophecy. I started to tell Dr Leo that i had fully remembered my own ‘pre-birth’ experience whilst reading through the chapters of the book, and I explained that we all come here for a reason. The trick is to remember why we have come here! As I was explaining this to him, Dr Leo ‘synchronistically’ said something that was quite outstounding. His words were “Kelly, your body is 100% healthy. It’s just stress. Your body is still trying to find a way of  dealing with stress.” I replied with a smile and arranged my next appointment.

It wasn’t untill I got back to my car that Dr Leo’s words repeated in my mind. Only more prenounced, almost firmer in voice. “Your body is 100% healthy, your body is just finding it’s own way of dealing with stress”.

Then another memory came flooding through. MY LIFE’S LESSON!!! Thats why i chose my parents before coming here, and why I contracted MS!!! WOW. I’ve always knew from a young age i would get ill around 20 years old, well to be completely honest with you, I thought I would die young. I now know this was parts of my pre-birth memory still afresh with in my soul due to my young age.

When I was diagnosed I wasn’t shocked. I just became focused on what my instincts guided me to do, as I knew deep down I would be okay. Double WOW :)

All last night I was remembering more of my time in the afterlife and more about why I am here now and why I am here learning to deal with stress differently. I now know and I now feel my truth again like I did when I was a young girl.

I am so excited and I have also decided to hold a guidance group surrounding these books, as I feel it is helping people to remember why we are here that Ihelp the most with prescribing crystals for ailments, illness and of course stress. I will keep you all informed of the proposed dates of these guidence groups.

Have fun Kelly G :)

Jupiter Turns Retrograde

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Hiya :)

WOW, what a week. I have had the most amazing week of personal and spiritual growth this week, i feel very amazed by it all. I do feel that this has all been very synchronistic, as I have been reading The Tenth Insight by James Redfield. I read The Celestine Prophecy when i was 19, just after i was diagnosed with Mulitple Sclerosis, which i belive, was a big conribution to my reawakening. I purchased this book at the same time (8 years ago) but have just recently decided to read it. Talk about right timing! Knowing what we need to know, when we need to know it.

Moving my shop to new business premises has meant much more than just a physical relocation. The building (Gladys-Monika Rose) is a big part, I believe, of my human journey here. From reading this book it is allowing me to be more open, awake, to these understandings, synchronicities, which has been an absolute godsend for preparing me for this insightful week I have had. :-)

I have found, after today, that there has been a handful of my regular customers, also experiencing a simulair period of accelerated growth. AMAZING :-)

I wanted to also share this little bit of information I “synchronistically” stumble upon and i do believe that this also answers, or points towads what the ‘Light’ minority are witnessing at this present time.

Jupiter turns retrograde in Aquarius this week and will remain so until mid-October 2009. It doesn’t mean that good fortune has deserted us. However, it does suggest that we can learn to make our own opportunities. The Jupiter principle becomes internalized, and we begin to understand how our thoughts and feelings affect our destiny. Luck may not be such a haphazard event as we imagine. If we believe that we are always in the right place at the right time, whether consciously or not, we will begin to live this in our experience. If we constantly tell ourselves that we are lucky, wealthy, and lovable, we will be so. The converse is also true: negative thoughts bring difficult circumstances.


How comforting :-) A reason behind everything :-)


If you stumble across this, you’re very welcome to share your thoughts, comments, which I look forward to viewing.


Take care and have fun


Kelly G :-)

Kelly’s Crystal Shop

Kelly’s Crystal Shop New Interactive Blog

Posted in New Age Crystals Fossils on June 5th, 2009 by admin


I wanted to welcome you all to my exciting new interactive Crystal Shop blog.

I am genuinely excited about this new feature to my website as I am looking forward to the many revolutionary debates, views and ideas that we will all get to be apart of, together, during this amazing period of evolution.

I do hope you will enjoy being apart of the new Kelly’s Crystal Shop Blog.

Kelly G