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All this is happening after I read The Tenth Insight, by James Redfield. Thank you

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What another amazing week we’ve all been having, here at Kelly’s Crystal Shop :) So many more lovely synchronicities have been happening, it really has been beautiful to watch and to be apart of :) I think this will be a good place to begin my update :) 

It was last Wednesday when it began, after my acupuncture session on the Monday (22nd June 2009). I woke up not feeling to good and both my body and mind both felt very fatigued, even the thought of accompanying Mei on our lovely early morning walk couldn’t get me motivated. It was at this point that I decided to have the day off work, to assess what the cause was.

Me being me, I still find it very hard to just have the day off, even being my own boss, so I decided to just come into the shop for the morning and come home at dinner. I took my time coming into the shop and got in 15 minutes late. I was fighting to open the shop up when I felt Gladys-Monika wanting to connect with me. I went and sat down in the garden, at the back of the shop, and meditated to connect with her.

The meditation was beautiful, I do love Gladys-Monika’s energy, very nuturing and wise. I felt that she was helping me to come to a stop. To let my feet touch, and feel the floor. I could feel her showing me how she would like me to run her (Gladys-Monika is our shop, and yes she is very much alive, ask everyone who comes in :) ).

During the meditation, I began to see that i was approaching it all abit to full on, rushing and forcing things to happen rather than allowing her and the universe to provide at the right time. I truely began to see, what I have always believed, ‘I work for the shop’.

It was a glorious day to be sitting out and we had visits from our Robin for some food, and a couple of butterflies came to visit our Budlea Plant, and above our heads were 7 swifts circling and singing. Very peaceful and loving. When I came back through the shop, I felt fresh and rejuvenated, back on form. I found myself beginning to have a quick, habitual thought, to open the shop. As soon as the thought was beginning to form within my mind, Gladys-Monika took it away from me, telling me to go home. So I did as i was told.

I got back home and made myself a lovely Green Leaf Stirfry for my dinner, and after, I felt myself being pulled into a meditation. Going into my meditation, I found myself walking along my forest path to start walking up my mountain where at the top I am always greeted by my cloud. As i sat within my cloud I began to feel myself becoming lighter in weight, and losing my denseness. My cloud then began to lower and stopped moving so I jumped off, to find myself looking at me!?! Another Kelly G :)

As soon as I saw her she ran over to me and her arms folded around me and I felt such a surge of unconditional love from her. At this point she told me I had travelled into my future, and that she was in fact me but in 11 years time. She instantly started to fill me in with information, (as Kelly does :) ) answering all the questions that were naturally forming in my mind, as you would if you have a chance to meet a future you. I could see Princess Mei and my cat Biffa so I knew that they were okay and still with me, which gave me such a sense of peace and happiness.

She took me over to a lake were we sat down, and it was here that she began to tell me how she was within her health with regards to our diagnoses of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). She started to say that she now saw herself as being cured and that she had not seen even a glimmer of MS for quite a few years. As you can imagine the size of smile this created within me and physically on me. 

We began to talk ‘technical’ (Well as technical as you can between 2 Kelly’s). We first started with my ‘current/present’ problem, for which I was away from work for. I knew it was linked and connected to my Kidney energy, but I didn’t know any specific details like the usual how and why, the root core. We began to look inside my body, asthough my outer skin became invisible, which allowed me to see all my organs and wires of nerves and meridians within me. We started at the kidneys and followed a wire, for which i understood was a meridian, right up to my brain. During me watching, this i also could feel the journey physically, like ‘chi’ moving through me. When we got to the brain we stopped at a specific point, which was in the middle of the upper right side of my brain. When we stopped here i began to feel a great deal of fear and worry come over me. This made me begin to think that this could be the point of where fear/worry created themselves within my physical body.

The feeling of fear left me, my invisible skin had changed back to normal and i found myself sitting by the lake with furture Kelly again. She greeted me with a knowing smile. With a gentle slight nod, i understood that she was fully aware of my perception of  experience. I smiled back with gratitude and said “is this how we did it”, for which her reply was “yes”.

To be continued……

Kelly G