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Friday 10th March Daily Zen Quote

“To go from mortal to Buddha, you have to put an end to karma, nurture your awareness and accept what life brings.”

~ Bodhidharma ~

Now writing these words today a welcomed pleasure Cutting close to my current perception of my reality!!! Beautifully refreshing .

So yes, this morning I have made myself sit down with a hot chocolate from Costa, a very nice pr…oper hot chocolate, to write my daily Zen blog to you all as time seems to be filtering past very quickly at present!!! Which is very cool but getting caught up in the illusional feeling with having less time in the day to get done all the things I love to do .

Lots of lovely newness coming to and oozing out from Kelly G’z at present that my evenings have become full of wonderful meditations which have been very deep and intense aswell as amazing.

Last Saturday I wrote to you about something wonderful coming into the shop and I have taken photos to place on here but they kept finding homes to go to, so I had to keep taking them but I will put the photo up for you to see the last few of them.

SKULLS!!!! Not this time . Something just as amazing and I am extremely humbled by for the fact that I have been given this opportunity from the universe to bring and share with you at this very needed time for their help. What are they???

MOLDAVITE Jewellery and pieces .

I treated myself to a beautiful pendant made of Rainbow Flourite and Moldavite and I know it is me wearing this that I am becoming more my soul. So much so my first meditation wearing it I returned at super speed back to my souls origin to share about how my physical body is holding up during these periods of intense downloads of transformation for our planet and our species. I got an upgrade to my body which mainly consisted of the removal of no longer needed stuff and genetically inherited blockages which I have gratefully received.

Great appreciation to the universe for bringing us this very invaluable tool to assist us all at this very needed time of WHAT THE goings on .

We do hope and pray that you are all enjoying this time, especially enjoying the energy we were all blessed with yesterday with a powerful new moon and a southern hemisphere solar eclipse which brought forth the possibilities of all impossibilities which I am so totally excited about as my world grew infinite fold .

Always loving you all and totally respecting this journey alongside you.

All our love always

Love Kelly & Mei xXx
PS Today we are playing with the things that we shouldn’t do you xXxSee more

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