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Friday 16th August 2013


Just noticed my blog didn’t upload yesterday :(. I love it so much I just had to rewrite it for us all <3


The promise of a new day

Any path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you.

 ~ Carlos Castaneda


Our inner guide, our conscience, desires to be heard every step of our way today. And the choice to listen is easy if we’ve developed trust in those messages from our heart. There is no absolute path we need to follow in this life, but some will be more advantageous to our destiny than others. And some paths will weave themselves more smoothly among the paths of other travellers. We are all moving toward the same destination.

 How thrilling it is to recognise that there is a message centre within that has foreknowledge of our needs today, of the direction most fitting to the growth that’s in store presently. We are not lonely, forgotten figures in this universe. We have purpose. And we can fulfil our purpose if we are acting in concert with our heart’s message. When we move softly through the day, we can be certain of hearing the words forming within.


Our pondering thoughts today ~

 I’ll take slow, sure steps today and know I’m on the right path.


 The crazy thought process I ventured down upon meditating on today’s meditation was most groovy ~ to think that we are all teeny tiny pieces of the universe condensed into our physical bodies. Crazy but amazingly beautiful don’t you think :p

 Love you, Love Kelly & Mei xXx <3

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