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Saturday 17th August 2013


The Promise of a new Day

 We only do well the things we like doing.

~ Colette


When you were a child, did you feel you had to do everything you were told to do? If you didn’t perform all the tasks equally well, did you feel that something was wrong with you?

When we were young, many of us were never told that we were doing as well as we could. Or if we were told, we didn’t know how to hear it. It has taken some of us years to learn that to do something well often means to do it as well as we can. And somewhere inside us, those children still groan over tasks they can’t do easily.

It helps to remember that we are not alone. Something we find difficult to do may have all sorts of repercussions for us and others. We can always ask for help. Other people are pleased when we ask them to share their skills. When we know how to console the child within, we need never fell inadequate.


The leaving thought today is ~

I’m working toward the day when I can truthfully say, “I like everything I do because I do everything as well as I can.” :)


All our love, Kelly & Mei xXx

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