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Thursday 15th August 2013


The promise of a new day Meditation :)

If politics may be broadly defined as “the way we are with each other” then anything that affects how we connect with each other is political.

~ Phyllis Jane Rose

There’s a word for someone who is democratic with strangers and despotic with intimates, and the word is hyprocrite. One of the important lessons of our time is that the personal is political. Our behaviour reveals our true beliefs and what we truly are.

“Politcs” may sound like too heavy a word for our behaviour with our families, lovers, friends, and co-workers. Yet it’s accurate. If we oppress or manipulate those who are close to us, bribing and threatening instead of asking honestly and negotiating for what we want, then it doesn’t matter what we say,or how we vote. Our weakness and lack of maturity reveal us to be unstable.

Our politics is our lives: how we connect with one another, how we use resources, even how we think about things. How we deal with the smallest details is how we really are, and others are apt to deal with us in kind. If we’re abusive or insincere, we’re going to encounter abuse and insincerity. Lets bring our behaviour into agreement with our beliefs.

Our leaving thought today is ~

Today I tune in to my political broadcast and make sure it reflects my platform.:)

I really hope you are enjoying my new form of blogging. I have recently awoken from being under the influence of codependency.

Sounds scary but it isn’t. My eyes are becoming even more open and I feel as though I am journey on a most wonderful adventure towards the depths of myself. The true Kelly, with no shame, guilt or fear of upsetting anyone.

Codependancy; Excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner.

I always think that when you hear the word codependancy, you automatically shy away from it, and to hear someone say they are involved in a codependant relationship you think it is an abusive one. Sometimes it can be, but the majority of the time it isn’t. 

So. why I am so glad I have allowed myself to admit to myself that I was a codependant person that was living a life of codependancy – because to be codependant is to constantly question yourself so as to not upset people around you, even if it means that you choose to not do or say things just in case. To spend your time helping others rather than yourself and putting other peoples needs before your own.

When I started to read more about it I realised that for me this stems right back from my early childhood. Being the other sibling I automatically put a lot of pressure and responsibility upon myself which Iwas still doing till a couple of days ago.

For that reason I don’t want to call myself an expert on this as I serious am not. But I am very interested and learning and I am constantly watching every word, thought, deed, and action within me to see the reason behind them. And it is already proving very positive. I am now smiling with no thought behind it :)

So, want to know what I am reading then ~

Codependant No More ~ Melody Beattie.

I have just started to read this so I cannot really pass on any reviews of how I am finding it.

The Language of Letting Go ~ Melody Beattie.

This is a lovely little book with daily meditations to help keep you on the course of your ‘recovery’. What I like to call our reawakening. Iam enjoying reading it each morning and I am seeing the synchronicities already.

The Promise of a New Day ~ Karen Casey & Martha Vanceburg.

Now I am really enjoying this little book. This is the one I am sharing with you all during our time of ‘Letting Go’. A very apt book of these amazing times of true inner transformation. Again as I am sharing this with you all I read each day and also allow myself a small time to ponder on what is wrote and this has to be the most magnificent one so far of seeing synchronisticity playing its part. What I read in the morning I find I become apart atleast one experience during my day in the shop that allows an experience to reflect this. Seriously cool.

Now you all know that I live my life to help and serve the people in my life and all the friends of my shop, Kelly G’z, so I started to ask myself the question, “How can I truly help people without considering to, and then continue moving forth to help myself?” The answer, you can but you are not truly happy or living in joy. Upon considering yourself you are including yourself within your perceived realitiy placing you alongside all the people you love and would love to get to know. Could this be the end of separation and the allowance of true unity???? I’m giving it a sure go ;). All happy together.

Thank you for reading and being here and I do hope you find something from this, even if its just that you’ve read to here THANK YOU :)

All our love

Kelly & Mei xXx  


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