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Wednesday 14th August 2013


The Promise of a new day Meditation.

“To find the good life you must become yourself”. ~ Dr. Bill Jackson

The more we run away for ourselves, the greater is our disenchantment with all the opportunities each day offers. When we live far from our own centre,we ensure distance from all the persons in our life. Happiness in all things eludes us when we become distant from self and others.

Finding ourselves, closing the Gabon the distance created, is a by-product of a personal inventory. We must know our wholeness before we can celebrate ourselves. With celebration comes relief, freedom, and a readiness to tackle the opportunities presented to us.

 Self-acceptance fosters self-love -> the necessary prerequisite to the discovery of a good life. It’s within reach. We must decide to move wholly toward it.

 Leaving thought to ponder –

 I can be excited about the chance to celebrate myself today. My qualities are special and deserve recognition.

Now that is a wonderful thought to take time out to contemplate :-).

All our love

Love Kelly & Mei xXx


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