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Wednesday 21st August 2013


The Promise of a New Day

Geese lower their heads when flying under a bridge, not matter how high its arches may be.

~ Julius Caesar Scaliger


Old fears oppress us. They can hamper our growth; we learn nothing from them. Yet many of us continue to be afraid, for reasons we have long since forgotten, or never knew. Our bodies sometimes carry the weight of these old fears; a cringing of the shoulders or a knot in the gut may be part of the legacy.

Our growth as free beings may depend on shedding these old fears. They are as real as viruses, and they make us ill in similar ways. We need to examine our actions, to be sure that we aren’t just ducking our heads every time we fly under a bridge. Am I behaving appropriately? Am I meeting this situation in this moment, or am I letting the past govern me? Am I acting or reacting?

When we discard old fear, we have a sense of liberation. Whatever wound that old fear was protecting can heal. We are ready to face life as it comes, not as we fear it might come.


Our leaving thought for today is ~

Healing myself empowers me to shed the fears that limit my growth.


When I first read this I even asked do geese really duck their heads when flying under a bridge??? Lol. Then I realised from the persons reaction it is meant metaphorically :).


Hope you have all had a very cool day and happy full moon night tonight

Love Kelly & Mei xXx

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